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Rama and Sita Rod Puppets from Indonesia from Penelope Torribio's 600 puppets from around the world. Link to puppetry site.


Collection and performances
and Workshops

Photo of Penelope as a link to her country, blues and folk site

Country, Blues, Folk
Award-winning singer-songwriter

Penelope Ecology Photographer

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event 2
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Penelope performing in a village in India sections of the Ramayana and ecology musicals.


Arts and Music in Schools,
workshops available.

Covers from Penelope Torribio's children's DVD, Take ten. 10 Minute in Nature.

Children's Nature Video
Take Take 10 Minutes With Nature
Download or purchase DVDs

Under the Blue Blue Sea, cdcover, mermaid holding the hains of many sea animals.

CDs ecology songs or

farm anamials
outer space songs
calendar songs


News articles of Penelope performing with some of 600 world puppets.

Recommendations page 1

Newspaper Articles and recommendations page 2

Einstein in My Garden Book Cover with two children in a garden.

Eistein in My Garden, photos and Reflectins on Bugs

The Magic in You, from vacant lots to community garden

Never Get Too Close To a Fish

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