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Country, Blues, Folk
Award-winning singer-songwriter

Headed for a Good Time Album

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Headed for A Good Time

Youtube "The Laid Off  Blues"


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Painted Desert, Black and White by Penelope
Painted Desert

Photo display and readings available, great for the entire family. Dancer, black and white by Penelope

Dancer, Penelope

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Nature Photographer, Penelope Torribio

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Penelope Touring Stree and Tribal Schools in India

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Much of my art work has to do with encouraging everyone to be guardians of the Earth. I call it ecology without fear.

Penelope is the Mark Twain of the bug world. 
—Maria Kostelas, “Flutes of the World.”

cover Einstein in My Garden

Penelope Torribio’s great bug photos can be enjoyed by all ages
— and the more sophisticated readers will enjoy the philosophy and wit
in her reflections on bugs.
—Susan Dobay, artist and arts philosopher

I think that you will be amazed at Penelope’s photographs and deceptively simple reflections on the
creepy, crawling, flitting, singing, spinning, creatures that are so necessary to our survival.
—Daria Nuñez, President, Education for the Arts.

 “Einstein in My Garden” is a valuable book with thought-provoking original photos. Penelope’s
moths are "reverse Houdini's." They represent us who reverse our beauty from invisible to the visible.
She delights her audience with valuable insights into deeper truths of being,  encouraging them to rise in consciousness. 
—Marcielle Brandler, internationally-published poet/educator/public speaker


—Daria Nuñez, President, Education for the Arts

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