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I just wanted to tell you that I have an excuse for having all these different areas.  You see when I began teaching kids with behavior and educational challenges I had none of these talents.  I soon learned it was not enough to educate my students, they needed to be transformed in many ways; how they relate to themselves, education, peers, parents, society. I developed these artistic tools-or talents as I attempted to find keys into the hearts and minds of each of my students.  As I became better at teaching these areas--I became better myself. 

I am a total advocate of the purposeful use of art, music and artistic activities to reach not only challenged students, but all students.  I promise you that the results--have been, are and will be spectacular.

Meanwhile, my own life has become fuller and funner.  Should an educator use such a word as funner? I don't think so.  I might have to go back to school.


Penelope Torribio's 1 World Music and Puppets will be at the Alhambra Eco Fair on May 5th,
please come, see some great eco boths, learn about puppetry and see a puppet show.


        Visit 1 World Music and Puppets for more video sample of puppets from around

Visit 1 World Education for those interessted in cocreating a future schools sytem
that honors the individual, uses body-brain learning, and teaches the social skills
needed to create a more peaceful planet, that honros all the elements of our world
and beyond.

Visit Guardians of the Earth Store for great ecological teaching resourcesfor pre school through third grade.



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